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Hello friends, my name is Narayan Mali, I am a resident of bhinder, I do not have parents.Well over time everything changes,
I am only in the eighth grade, although some doctors cannot dream of the engineer, but I have to illuminate my parents' name  That's why I started writing blogger because I spent my life in hotel cafes and restaurants. I got recognition from the same work, today I am a cook. People gave me a good response from cooking, so I felt that why not share the identity of my work so that I can get a good response.I updated my blogger post on 02 January 2020 www.kichanhelp.com Here you will find all kinds of recipe posts like Chinese Italian Indian Punjabi South Indian and other resepi in recipe on English language visit GBK.kichanhelp.com
Website Name My Mother (G - Ganga Bai) Father (B - bagdi Lal Mali) or brother ( K - kalu Lal Mali ) It is not named in this world yet, but with me I love my parents and It is not named in this world but it is with me but I love my parents and brother very much

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